The Sculptor’s Studio, show presented at the Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal in 2013 in Montreal and at the Birch Contemporary Gallery in 2015 in Toronto

The Sculptor’s Studio brings together a selection of works that are the result of several years’ worth of sustained research and practice. Having previously worked with techniques to reproduce specific forms of packaging (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes), the sculptural results of which trouble the distinction between ‘workaday’ and ‘art’ objects, Desjardins continues her exploration of the often romanticised value of ‘artistic labour’ through the imagery and symbols of an archetypal studio, in particular that of a sculptor. Representations of fixtures such as a worktable (simplified almost to the point of a sketch), tools and materials (a pallet, scissor holder, and a pile of plaster) and sculptures of casting moulds reflexively turn the material process of sculptural creation back on itself. Together these works create a microcosm, independent of time and reality, which serves as a meditation on both the creative process and the germination of artistic ideas and forms. However, a deliberate formal blurring makes it difficult to ascertain how the works are made or what precisely they represent. Rather than a continuous narrative, an assorted collection of forms, processes and materials is presented here; all white—almost ghostly—the works are less a representation of specific physical forms, and more a materialization of the idea of such forms.

Photo credits: J-F L’Amoureux