Reflexion, show presented at Centre Plein Sud in 2015

Recipient of Plein Sud Award and shcolarship 2014

Down to earth like all her plaster pieces, the full weight of her sculpture . . . Yet a sense of grace and ineffable charm are palpable in the rooms where the work of Chloé Desjardins is shown. Although she is still in the early stages of her career, the artist leaves a strong impression based on contradiction and paradox.

There’s illusion in the work but it is an illusion of great elegance, as in the white that predominates. And it’s not so much about tricking visitors or setting traps for them, but of nudging them into an improbable, indefinite space-time, one imaginative to the point that even plaster, which Desjardins prefers in a quasi-raw state, seems unreal.

Through the use of casts (plaster, porcelain, bronze and wax) and museum exhibition devices such as pedestals and display cases, Desjardins explores such concepts as the double, the copy, appearances and received ideas. Artistic creation as a subject is a central theme in her work, as we can see from L’atelier du sculpteur, an installation that formed the crux of her previous exhibition.

The project she developed with the help of the Plein sud scholarship fund extends and deepens this line of inquiry. We are no longer in the artist’s physical space or even caught up in the idea of it, but inside the work itself. The illusion here is more akin to a mirage, and it is through the play of mirror images that the artist has developed her most recent body of work. – Jérôme Delgado

→ Full text in the publication accompanying the show

Photo credits: J-F L’Amoureux