Quelque-chose (Something), show presented at B-312 Gallery in 2012

Galerie B-312 is pleased to present the work of Chloe Desjardins, a Montreal-based artist in its main hall. Entitled Quelque chose (Something), her first solo exhibition brings together works that have been presented as part of her master’s degree at the University of Quebec in Montreal as well as new creations. To create this corpus of plaster casts, the artist resorts to everyday objects, often industrial or manufactured, as well as textures that seem ordinary, but which acquire a new presence when iterated through other materials. By this simple operation of transmutation of the original material, a gap is created that recalls how much and at what distance sculpture places its subject. Simultaneously, these objects embody several paradoxes: familiar shapes that one would like to touch, become inaccessible, frozen in matter; unique works are developed from a copying technique. Chloe Desjardins’ practice suggests a certain sensitivity to the issues raised by minimalism and conceptual art, such as the influence of the exhibition space on appreciation of a work or the question of the sacralization of objects. Placed on plinths of varying sizes or protected behind Plexiglas, these objects highlight the codes and conventions governing the appreciation of a work of art. The artist questions the presence, the status and the effect of these devices in contextualization of the works. – Mathieu Menard

October 11, 2012 to November, 10, 2012

Photo credits: Guy L’Heureux