Chloe Desjardins completed a Bachelor’s degree in studio arts at Concordia University and Master’s degree in creation at the School of Visual and Media Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal. During this last training, she studied and deepened her knowledge of moulding and casting techniques. Now, sculpture takes up a predominant place in her practice.

Over the last few years, her work has been presented in many cities in Quebec and Canada. Her work is part of several public and private collections. Many time supported by the Quebec Council for the arts and the Canada Council for the arts, she is the recipient of the Plein Sud honorary Grant 2014. She is a member of the board committee of the B-312 artist’s run centre and president since 2016.


The question of the status of the artwork and its relation to the spectator is at the centre of my artistic practice. It is embodied in the choice of forms and objects I represent in my work and by the way I compose my installations. By reproducing packaging, tools, materials that are used in the creative process – and more recently, architectural elements (scaffolding, columns) –, I want to reveal the external structures of artwork’s conception, production and operation.

My pieces are essentially staged so to mimic art presentation forms recognizable and understandable by all (the museum, the monument, etc.). Furthermore, I associate apparently incompatible or contrary elements to generate a questioning on our a priori.

My sculptures are objects that push against an easy understanding. In that sense, they not only arouse curiosity, but encourage the watcher to use its sensitivity and develop critical thinking.